Sex With Hot Priya

Hi, I am Sahil from Jaipur again remember my earlier story in which I narrated how I fucked Divya my office mate. This is one incidence of the encounters with Priya (name changed) one of the most beautiful woman of my office and my good friend. As you know I am 35 year of age and working with in multinational. Almost three years back I got transferred to Rajasthan as head of the department. I found many females are working in our office. But Priya has some nice assets with 35 years 34D-28-36 fig. with beautiful face and almost 5.6” height newly married.
Although she had a love marriage but her husband was cheating with her as he usually visits her relative and has relationship with her which she got to know after marriage. We became good friends in quite a sometime of my joining to the new city and we share good relationship till the day when our relationship changed from friends to bed partners. My wife actually went for some family function to her native place and I was all alone in the house and getting bored. Suddenly in the evening Priya called me up and she was crying that I time.

I got the shock & I asked her that why she is crying but she didn’t tell anything but just asked me to come to her place and she was feeling very low and her husband has also went to her friend’s house for next three days and they had a major fight. It was Friday evening when she called me up, I went to her place which was her new house. I reached in 30 min post our call. She was in a deep depression and really wanted some moral support. Her house was really very nice and had many places where one can have sex in different angles. I had crush on her since the day I saw her.

She was damn sexy and that day she was wearing sky blue t-shirt and a skirt in which she was looking sexier than ever. Let me tell u more about her she is whitish and had average hairs which she usually leave untied and those actually increase the sexy looks of her. So after some talks about her husband we started discussion about our office. After an hour or so I asked her whether she wanted to go out with me for a drive which she refused and said that she wanted to stay at home and wanted to have a chat with me. Around 8 pm I said that I must leave now, she insisted me to stay for more time but as

I was feeling uncomfortable sitting in front of her so I wanted either take her to the bed or to just get out of her place. She insisted me for dinner which I have to accept and we had dinner. While having dinner some veg. suddenly fallen on her and clothes got dirty. She went inside for changing her clothes. She came back after 10 mins and too my surprise she has changed her clothes to one night dress. It was a two piece silk nighty of maroon color & her curves are clearly visible in the dress. Post dinner we had some more chat about our personal life which anyway is not going on well for her.

Around 10 I told her that I must leave now, she again insisted to stay back which I clearly refused and got up. Her house is on the first floor. As I opened the door she again insisted me to stay back and requested to stay for that night at her place, which I refused. She took the last chance to stop me by dropping her upper part of her nighty and asked to help her in satisfying her that night. I couldn’t understand what to do that time and closed the main door and went close to her. She said Sahil pls aaj apne ghar mat jaao I need u here with me as feeling horny tonight.

I went close to her and holds her from her shoulders and asked her why she has done this. Priya said Sahil I just want to have sex with u and want to taste the real life fun. Some days back she was talking to my wife and she told her that how good I m in bed. Since from that day she wanted to enjoy the same with me. About her husband he requires her body every night but doesn’t experiment anything further than missionary position. I got my reply and now it’s time for me to get into action to fulfill my own desire to have her sexy body in my bed.

I told Priya that u look like some sex goddess today & I m dying to take u to my dream room. Priya smiled and I went near to kiss her. Her perfume was mind blowing. As I came near and she closed her eyes & handed over her body to me. I stared kissing her from her eyes to her cheeks and finally had kissed her juicy lips. After two of three kisses Priya started responding look like that he was waiting the moment Priya opened her mouth & started responding we both r playing with each other’s tongue and having each other’s salvia. After 10 min. of French kiss

I took her in my arms & took her to her bed room & make her lye her on the bed & we again started French kiss which lasted for another 10 min. I stood up to undress myself which Priya got up and stopped me & started removing my jeans. First she removed my jeans and then my boxers by which my monster got free and standing in front of her & giving her full salute. Priya saw me & said Sahil tumhare wife such me bahut lucky hai and then she just kissed on the tip of my lund. Priya was really wanted to do this since ages as she had seen her elder sister giving bj to her husband which

Priya’s husband don’t allow her to do so. The smell of the penis made her crazy and she started kissing my lund passionately. I told her to suck & lick my lund, but she failed as she has never done that. Then I grabbed Priya head and started pumping the penis into her mouth which she was chocked at the beginning by gradually she started sucking it. After almost 5 min. of suck I stopped her and took her, she was still wearing her nighty inner which is making her more sexier. I removed both the straps of the nighty and made her complete nude now.

We saw each other & took her in my hand & started kissing her again on the entire body. Priya was becoming hot, I started kissing on her neck and her nipples got erected and became hard, I started sucking her nipples and she started moaning & moaning loud oh ahhhh……& started moaning loudly & started shouting darling pls suck them hard I really like this and I started sucking harder, between sucking I gave some bites on the boobs and while sucking the right one I am squeezing the other one.

Now I make her lie on the bed and went to her pussy where I saw her pink shaved sexy pussy which is leaking. I kissed her pussy lips and started eating & a sound came ohh darling this is the first time that somebody is kissing or eating my pussy oh my god this is really gr8. Eat it which Priya is moaning loudly and said aaj mujhe itna pyar karo ki main sab bhoool jaon. Ohhh pls lick & fuck me fuck me Priya was shouting. Ahhh pls fuck me.

After 10 min. of oral fuck I stopped and gave her my 6 inch tool which we inserted in her again into mouth and again gave me blowjobs. This time she increased the speed & looking like an expert in that. She wanted to do this with her husband but failed every time as he doesn’t like oral sex. We came into 69 angle and started sucking each other after 5 min. of oral fucking she shouted that I m coming & a fountain came from her pussy which I drank completely. I am still not given up and she was still sucking my Lund & she is sucking my lund very passionately.

She is sucking like an expert with a good speed. After some time I told her that I m going to cum now which she said that she wanted to taste my and drank all. I took her up and make lye on the bed and pulled her legs up. She told me to not use condom as these are her safe days. I started out first round in a missionary position as she was not having sex from last 15 days so her pussy was bit tight. She asked me to be slow as mine was bigger than her husband. Pls stop Sahil you r giving me pain Priya said

I added some cream on her pussy and started again & entered in her hole successfully & she started moaning ohhhh…ahhhhh fuck me fuck me yes faster fuck me ohhhhhhhh wow what a feeling to have your lund in my choot sahil….. tumne mujhe bahut tadpaya hai I wanted to get fucked from u on that day when I got to know u sex style from your wife…… this made me more crazy and I started fucking her more fastly… pura room uski aaaho se gooj raha tha aur woh chilla rahi thee ki aur jor se….phad do meri choot ko….wah kya maza hai tumhare lund ki.

I stopped & told her to come in a doggy position which she followed imme. I inserted my land & started stroking again which was unbearable for her but she was enjoying and I m fucking my sexy lady. I than said Priya you really have a very good round ass & I want to fuck your ass too. Priya said that she never had any lund in her ass & it is virgin which she will give me some day. I started fucking her more passionately and faster & she is given me full support. After 15 min of fuck I told her that I am coming which she wanted to take all in her face and want to drink my cum.

Our sexy round came to an end and in between she came twice. After that we lay on the bed and Priya said that Sahil this is best fuck she ever had in her entire life. I told her that today I am going to fuck her entire night she has to change her dress for each round as we wanted to play all across her house. After half an hour she went to her bath cum dressing room to get ready for next round to. I thought that we must have our next round in her bathroom in the bath tub. I knocked the door. She was actually taking a bath but opened the door,

I saw her all wet and looking stunning in the wet looks, and her red lips are inviting me to suck them immediately. I went inside and we started having a shower bath together she was just standing in front of me I was just squeezing her boobs, we are having a smooch at that time under the shower. I made her band and asked her to hold the tap which she followed immediately. I inserted my cock into her wet pussy & started fucking again. Priya just started moaning heavily and enjoying each fucking punch in her pussy. I than took some oil from the side and put it on her ass and inserted one of my fingers into her ass.

She shouted and said Sahil pls don’t do this today we will have some other day. Without caring her words I inserted my second finger into her ass and started giving her finger fucking in her ass. After 1-2 min of finger fuck I inserted my third finger which made her crazy and she actually started enjoying now. Priya was not in a mood to wait now and said Sahil pls fuck me more rudely and make your whore today. I put some more oil on her ass and put my lund on her ass and pushed in. Priya gave a loud shout & said it paining man pls take it out which I didn’t care but stopped pumping & started kissing

Her on her back and rubbing my hands on her entire body to make her ready for the round. After 2-3 min she asked to insert more and this time I pumped inside full and she started crying due to pain but asked to keep fucking her as she wanted to get fucked from her ass too since she saw a blue film last week. After some time it got normal we were actually enjoying the ass fuck. We ended our session after 15 min and I filled her ass with my cum. Fucked her for next 15 min in different positions & the best one when she climbed on me and

Started fucking herself with loud moans and with a great speed. We fucked 3 more times in that entire night and slept at around 5 in the morning. I got up around 11 in the morning and not found her on the bed. I got up and wore dressing gown which she placed for me on the bed, went out and saw her in the kitchen where she was cooking for us. She was looking stunning in back shirt and was not wearing anything to seduce me again. We had a small round there on the kitchen shelf post which we had our breakfast.


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